About Columbia College Archives


College Archives & Special Collections (CASPC) serves as the designated repository for records of Columbia College Chicago and collections of select rare books, publications, and manuscripts which:

  • support College curricula in a student-centered environment
  • document and disseminate the narrative legacy of the College
  • weave Columbia College Chicago into the culture of the city and the world

CASPC provides a welcoming interactive environment to discover, evaluate, and integrate primary and secondary resources of enduring value to a diverse community.


College Archives & Special Collections History

The first College Archivist was hired in August 2005, 115 years after the founding of the school, initially working in space carved out of Special Collections where approximately 150 linear feet of College-related material had been collected. In 2006, space was made for the College Archives on the second floor of the Library. In 2008, the College Archives became its own Library department with three full time staff. In 2009, two Library departments, College Archives and Digital Library Services (formerly known as Digital and Media Services), merged into one, known as College Archives. By 2014, College Archives again merged with the Special Collections department to become “College Archives & Special Collections.” As collections continued to grow in size, the department was transferred to the second floor of the 619 S. Wabash building in 2015.


3 Responses to About Columbia College Archives

  1. Tamela Chambers says:


    I was on the 1993 September cover of new expressions and would love very much if I could get a photocopy or be told how to get one. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Brian says:

    Where can I see the issues in person or on line??
    I worked there a while. It was an important part of my life. Louise Harris, Kevin Thompson, Robin Florzak, Dawn Biggs, Pam Allen……Craig Trygstad, James Dodson…..and of course Ann Heintz 🙂

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