We’ve changed our name!

Columbia College Chicago Archives

Our department’s name has changed from Columbia College Chicago Archives to College Archives & Special Collections (CASPC)

Since we acquired new collections and a new name, we’ve decided to update our mission statement to better fit our work and philosophy.

College Archives & Special Collections (CASPC) serves as the designated repository for records of Columbia College Chicago and collections of select rare books, publications, and manuscripts in order to:

  • support College curricula in a student-centered environment
  • document and disseminate the narrative legacy of the College
  • weave Columbia College Chicago into the culture of the city and the world
  • Create innovative and open pathways to resources.
  • Provide educational opportunities to stimulate research and creativity.
  • Inspire collaboration on a global scale.
  • Encourage freedom of inquiry while honoring creators’ rights.
  • Comply with professional best practices and technical standards.
  • Preserve collection holdings in stable formats for future generations

For a list of our collections, visit: http://about.colum.edu/archives/collections/index.php

About Calley Nelson

Calley Nelson is a freelancer based in Chicago who enjoys collecting records, going to rock shows, and writing fiction. She is currently Director of Communications at Lpdeezign and the editor of I AM FEMINISM MAGAZINE. Follow her @calleynlsn
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