Letter from the editor

Lately I’ve been eager to uncover and curate collections beyond college. I’ve recently considered applying for masters programs upon graduation in the spring, and I am beyond excited to look into furthering my education. My experience at Columbia College Chicago Archives has influenced me to seriously think of library sciences as a possible career path with the mindset of continuing to work in archival collections.

As of this month, I have worked at Columbia College Chicago Archives for a little over a year, and I can confidentially say that it has been an invaluable experience for my career and my personal growth. I was picked up by the department at a job fair, and when they asked about my experience, I gave them a few of my writing samples from my personal blog. My writing was well received, and they hired me to assist in generating content for the department’s website. I was able to add the management of their blog and social media to my writing resume, and suddenly new freelancing opportunities opened up for me. Now I’m at a place where I can say that I write professionally, which had been my goal all along.

That being said, there is something intrinsically satisfying about opening a worn suitcase to find it brimming with yellowing letters and leaflets. Working in an archives, you’re able to break into these time capsules of the past, restore them, digitize them and preserve them for others to discover. Being a student worker at my archives, I’m personally tied to many of the collections I work with. I learn about the people who were at the college before me, their accomplishments and missteps. Working with archives, you are constantly researching, constantly learning about the past and how it applies to current times.

Thank you for reading!

Calley Nelson
old brief case 2014-06-05 14.28.36

About Calley Nelson

Calley Nelson is a freelancer based in Chicago who enjoys collecting records, going to rock shows, and writing fiction. She is currently Director of Communications at Lpdeezign and the editor of I AM FEMINISM MAGAZINE. Follow her @calleynlsn
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