New Expression

New Expression

A study done in 1974 showed that urban minority students were underrepresented and lacked a place to express themselves. This led a woman named Sister Ann Heintz, a Chicago teacher, to found Youth Communication, a non-profit organization, in 1976.

The organization is now called Youth Communication Chicago (YCC) and has helped over 3,750 Chicago students.  The Chicago high school journalists research, contribute, write, and edit articles to produce the news publication, New Expression, which is circulated throughout Chicagoland. New Expression reports on current events, issues, college and career news, business, entertainment and sports.

What was happening 30 years ago in New Expression—November 1983? Let’s start with the cover—a group of kids hanging out in a stairwell, one of which is snorting cocaine. Coke became very readily available to teens living in the heart of Chicago, where before, it stayed mostly in the suburbs. The article states, “Perhaps because of its publicity as the ‘in’ drug of the rich and famous, teens see it as an image-builder.” At this time, 17% of all teens used cocaine.

There are also short stories in this issue and letters to Santa and Mrs. Claus. In the entertainment section, there is a review on Richard Pryor’s Here and Now videotape, which according to the reviewer, was his best concert films. “The quality that has always set Richard apart from other stand-up comedians is the fact that his material works both as humor and as commentary on how he lives.”

In the archives, we have issues from 1977-2008.

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