Columbia College: 10 Years Ago

What was happening at Columbia College ten years ago, on May 17, 2004? Columbia College Archives has issues of the Columbia Chronicle dating back to November 1973.

Procter and Gamble, producers of such soap operas as Guiding Light and As the World Turns, held a contest for college students. Those with ideas for long-term character story lines could enter for the chance to win a trip to New York to meed with the shows’ producers. Soap operas aren’t doing very well these days. In fact, Guiding Light, the longest-running television show in history, was canceled in September 2009 after 57 years. As the World Turns ended in 2010 after 54 years on air.

Student Michael Gutweiler spoke about his mother, who was killed at the age of 15 by NFL player Leonard Little, who hit her while driving drunk. Little was released after a 90-day work release jail sentence.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 6.53.27 PM

There are many other interesting things to check out: Faculty are outraged when the college asks them to cold call high school students,  an opinion piece entitled, “Don’t forget to neuter your deadbeat dad,” an article about the pros and cons of online dating, scooter sales soar, Chicago in distress over two possible Wal-Mart stores,  and much more!

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Check out the May 17, 2004 issue here.



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