Summer Classes in 1923

Are you taking classes this summer? Sometimes students don’t have a choice but to take a few summer classes so they can complete their degrees on time.

In 1923, summer tuition was $60. Not $60 per credit. Not $60 per class. Just $60, which equates to $474 today. That’s quite a lot less than today, to say the least.

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Back then there were only two schools: the College of Expression and the College Normal School of Physical Education.  Here are some of the classes that were offered 91 summers ago:

  • Basic Principles of Expressive Reading
  • Studies in Modern Poetry
  • Power and Intensity of Expression
  • Readings for Public Entertainment
  • Platform Reading for Professional Entertainers
  • Interpretation of the Bible
  • Pantomime
  • Play Acting
  • Play Production
  • Theatre Appreciation
  • Religious Drama
  • Pageants, Festivals, and Masques
  • Speech
  • Practice Teaching
  • Stage Settings
  • Costume Design
  • Storytelling
  • Children’s Theatre
  • Gymnastics
  • Folk Dancing
  • Outdoor Sports
  • Swimming

Our college’s c0-founder, Mary Blood, taught many of these courses.

What classes are you taking this summer?

View the full summer of 1923 course catalog, filled with course descriptions, textbook requirements, and fees here.

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