Student Perspective: Chicago Winter

I bet you my job that you cannot go one day on campus without talking to at least one person about the weather. Given that this winter has been one of the worst in Chicago in over a century, I feel as if this is a sound bet.

According to CBS news, “Chicago has broken a record this year for most days of measurable snow: 32 so far. It’s added up to 61.2 inches, ranking No. 3 all time…It hasn’t been this cold since 1984 when the average temp was 16.7. Add that to another bone chilling stat: We’ve had 21 days where the temperature has dropped below zero. The record is 25.”

At this rate, we are set to beat the record. I experienced some sort of déjà vu watching this news clip from the winter of 1979. Look familiar?



About Calley Nelson

Calley Nelson is a freelancer based in Chicago who enjoys collecting records, going to rock shows, and writing fiction. She is currently Director of Communications at Lpdeezign and the editor of I AM FEMINISM MAGAZINE. Follow her @calleynlsn
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