What Was Happening Today at CCC in 1993?

Twenty years ago today, gun control and abortion were hot topics, a student was petitioning for a napping room, Michael Jackson was in trouble, the classifieds were bizarre, was an issue, and the Addams Family Values was soon-to-be released.

Victoria Berlin, a junior in 1993, wanted a quiet place to nap or hear herself think. UIC had an actual room for napping with cushioned couches and an attendant who administered wake-up calls and Columbia didn’t even have a single study area. At the time of the article, she had 361 signatures, approximately 5% of the student body. Maybe we have Berlin to think for the study areas we have today.


A law was passed in Mississippi that a woman under 18 must have written consent of both parents to be able to have an abortion. In an op-ed somebody ranted about the Tribune supporting gun control. Some issues never get resolved or changed, do they?


There was a warrant out for Michael Jackson, for allegedly molesting young boys. First he said he had to finish his world tour, then he had a questionable illness, he canceled his tour and said he was addicted to pain medication, Pepsi canceled his contract, and he went to rehab.

A classified ad:
Warning ladies. I’m the man your
mama warned you about. I’m
married, wild and crazy. I ride the
hell out of bikes, pick some
guitar, love to party and am very
untamable. Looking for
Amazonian princess to ride into
the sunset with me.

I love that this is in poetry format. I wonder if this “wild and crazy” man ever found his Amazonion princess.

Check out more fascinating news from November 22, 1993:  http://digitalcommons.colum.edu/cadc_chronicle/186/

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