Elevator Gridlock: A Problem Then and Now

What was happening ten years ago at Columbia College? I flipped through the November 3, 2003 issue of The Columbia Chronicle to find out and the front-page story is just as relevant today. “Gridlock: Students, faculty idle as elevator woes worsen.” Sound familiar?

Every Monday, my 4.5 hour class has a break at about 3:00 and it takes at least 20 minutes to get back upstairs at 624 S. Michigan. So what am I supposed to do? Avoid much-needed coffee or go anyway and return to class late? The “line” takes up the entire lobby and extends through the doors.

People over-stuff the elevators, which according to the 2003 article and common sense, is not good at all. Inspector Doug Flebby said, “My personal opinion is that the elevators are old. It’s a lot of wear and tear on the elevators and I’m surprised they’re running as well as they are.” A dozen people per elevator is too many.


Cover story from the November 3, 2003 issue of the Columbia Chronicle

The idea of staggering classes was tossed around, but official said that staggering classes made the uses of space less efficient.

Do the elevators hinder your ability to get to class on time?

Read the entire article and see minute-by-minute photos of the problem back in 2003 here: http://digitalcommons.colum.edu/cadc_chronicle/586/

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