Laurence Minsky and The Marketing Communication Exhibit

Through December 20th, Department Snapshot: Marketing Communication will be showcased on the 3rd floor of the library. You can view the online exhibit here:

In conjunction with the exhibit, The Signature Showcase: An Evening with Laurence Minsky will be taking place Tuesday, November 5th, 5:30 – 7:30 PM on the third floor of the library. The show is titled “Get a Job!  Observations from My Books and Career in Advertising and Marketing”. Copies of Mr. Minsky’s books will be available for sale and signing at the end of the program.


History of the Department

Originally, from 1934 to 1944 Columbia’s advertising and marketing classes focused on advertisement through radio. But in 1946 Columbia began to offer a business administration program, branching away from solely radio focused advertising.

In the following years, Columbia experienced a growth in student population as World War II veterans returned home and went back to school. In 1947, the department changed its name to Advertising and hired more faculty in order to meet the expansion. In 1951, the curriculum covered TV, radio, press, entertainment and communication. In 1957, direct mail advertising and advertising media selection were added to the course list.

In the 60s, the department reached new heights. The workshop method was incorporated into the development of commercials where many departments collaborated in order to create the advertisement. New courses covered advertising campaigns, layout and copy plans, media, market analysis, advertising and marketing.


In 1975, advertising journalism was introduced and in 1987, the Department of Marketing Communication became three distinct departments: Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations.

In the 90s, new courses were taught on new technology, such as creative sports marketing and e-commerce. In 2000, advertising at Columbia involved offering services to clients with advertising agency teams, which is still vital to the department’s curriculum.

About Laurence Minsky

Minsky is the Associate Professor in the Marketing Communication Department. He is a creative director, educator and writer. He has created marketing and communication solutions for various companies including AT&T and PetSmart. Minsky recently published The Get a Job Workshop: How to Find Your Way to a Creative Career in Advertising, Branding, Collateral, Digital, Experimental and More and will be signing books, which will be for sale at the event.

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