Columbia’s True School Colors

School colors have been a topic of discussion among new students these past few weeks.  A group of friends in the Plymouth common area were discussing this topic on over sized beanbags one rainy afternoon.

“I swear it’s periwinkle and gray.”

“Actually, a professor told me they were burgundy and silver.”

“Columbia doesn’t have school colors.”

As you may have guessed, the last statement was the most accurate. Columbia may not have particular colors, but in past years, they have been unofficially and artificially made up to put on pamphlets, flyers and The Renegades’ uniforms.

BUT WAIT: Columbia has an official color palette.

The colors on the following palettes are those that are prescribed each year to go on school posters, to create a uniformity in presentation of the postings around the college. These colors, almost subconsciously, become recognizable to students as a place where they can look to see what events are coming up around campus and the Loop neighborhood on a daily basis.

Here are a couple swatches we at the archives office scavenged for your visual pleasure.

The following colors were used from 2006 to 2010. Note the WARM RED.

color pallete 2006 - 2010

Below, we have posted the current colors of Columbia College, your colors, since 2010. These are very likely to change in the near future, as history shows.

2013 current color palette

What do you think Columbia’s school colors should be? Leave a comment below!

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